Shreveport Volunteer Network was officially formed as an organization and approved by the IRS as a charity organization June 30,2020. We specialize in community lead disaster emergency response and relief. Our organization's officers are made up of Tommy Giles of Keithville, LA Executive Director and Keith Bryant - Co-Founder of Keithville, Louisiana.

Our vision is to prepare, equip and mobilize citizens of this community to take immediate action towards emergency and disaster response related needs within a community. All citizens should have the basic necessities to survive a natural or unnatural disaster. The Shreveport Volunteer Network has the ability to rally communities to gain additional man power from the private sector when local and state government agencies aren’t able to. Our long term strategy is to develop SVN emergency warehouses all over the city to provide material goods to the citizens of the community, led by the Shreveport Volunteer Network and in partnership with local and state elected officials. We want to be an asset.


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Serving Food
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SVN Team

Committed to the Cause


Tommy Giles

Executive Director | Co-Founder

Tommy serves as Executive Director and is directly responsible for executing the organization's vision, fundraising, recruiting, volunteer development, day to day operations, establishing strategic community partnership, and volunteering to help others. Tommy's most valuable resource is his ability to be resourceful to get the job done. 


Keith Bryant Profile

Keith Bryant


Keith lives in Shreveport, Louisiana, and is co-founder of the Shreveport Volunteer Network.

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Danielle Gelpi

Volunteer Coordinator

Danielle is our go-to person for anything volunteering! She handles setting up projects, "Needs Intake", coordinating individual and groups of volunteers to see that the job gets done safely. If you would like to sign up to do any volunteering with the Shreveport Volunteer Netowrk. You can send her an email.

Planting Trees

Our Story

Behind the Scenes

Our story begins with a thunderstorm that hit our city in June 2019. Co-Founders Keith Bryant and Tommy Giles watched as these storms inflicted significant damage to homes, trees, property damage, and the community.

With nothing more than a couple of chain saws and some donated equipment, they got to work cutting up trees that had fallen on homes and in the streets. The community welcomed the support and help, as many didn't have the resources to have trees and debris removed. The puzzling part of the volunteer outreach was that everyone they helped couldn't believe that two guys would do so much work for free and to complete strangers. 

The impact of this community outreach was so significant that word quickly spread about what these two guys were doing and that they were doing it for free! 

One thing that formed Shreveport Volunteer Network was the families that Keith and Tommy helped along the way of this disaster clean up, decided to start helping each other. Neighbors helping neighbors. Neighbors who have lived next to each other for years who have never met, finally meet in the front yard of their impacted neighbors. Thru acts of kindness and service to one another, there have been long-lasting relationships have been forged over these events. 

Storms have a way of uncovering the genuine need in a city. Otherwise, no one would have ever known the many individuals and families who needed help but had no one to turn to for help. Shreveport Volunteer Network is not just two guys; it's the whole community working together to love their neighbor.

In June 2020, Shreveport Volunteer Network was officially recognized as a 501 (c) (3) charity organization, and just imagine what we can achieve together!